About Us

Norway’s longest and finest sand beach
Ogna Camping sits just 60 kilometers south of Stavanger and 20 kilometers north of Egersund. The camp grounds sit next to Norway’s longest sandy beach. Here you will find idyllic small sandy beaches between the rocks and stones. There are great conditions for swimming and beach life, in addition to the board, kite and wind surfing.

Tent, Cabin or Caravan
Ogna Camping has 130 campsites for caravans, motorhomes  300,- nkr.pr.night and tents  300,- nkr. pr.night, and 12 various sized cabins for hire. Each camp ground has access to electricity. There is a small store with the reception at the entrance. Sanitary facility includes: restrooms, showers, handicap bathroom, baby-changing room, cooking facilities, washing machine and dryer. There is also a children’s play-ground. TENT 20/6 – 20/8


For hikers, there are many possibilities. For golfers, the nearest golf course just 1 km away. Read more about this in Experience.

Fantastic Jæren
Experience the changing weather, and the special light that has always attracted artists to Jæren. Enjoy the most spectacular sunsets.

The town of Ogna is in the Hå Municipal, this is where the flat impressive Jæren landscape ends and a exciting hilly landscape begins. In the area there is great contrast between the sea, beach, flatlands and mountains. Just by walking around the campgrounds you can experience many types of nature. The nearest neighbor is the 3 kilometers of sandy beach. Just to the south there are additional beaches and rocks.

There are also excellent opportunities to catch crabs. Like a fish in the water, so are the possibilities great for trout – in one of the many lakes nearby. Ogna is a great place for fishing, whether inland fishing or river fishing. There are three rivers nearby: Fuglestadåna, Hå River and Ognaelven ( called the salmon fishermen comfort-river). The experience in Hå Municipality and fascinating Jæren is wonderful in both summer and winter.