Ogna Golf Club is located 1km from the campsite toward Ogna. The course has a great location with protection from the wind and a landscape that creates an awesome setting for the track. The course has 9 holes and a practice course with 6 holes. Ogna Golf Club is a member of the NGF club nr.189. Learn more here.

Ogna Camping is a good starting point for shorter or longer excursions on foot, by bike, train or car. Recommended tours: Kongeveien (The King’s Road), Prekestolen (Pulpit Rock), Steinkjerringa (The Stone Woman), High- Jæren, Lysefjorden and Ryggesteinen.

  • The King’s Road is a 10 km long trail along the ocean from Kvassheim to Hå old Prestegard. The path partly follows the old riding trail over Jæren. It is well marked and divided into several routes.Distance:
    Husvegg – Grødalandstunet 4,9 km
    Grødalandstunet – Obrestad havn 2,5 km
    Obrestad havn – Hå gamle prestegard – Nærland 2,8 km.Parking: Varhaug old kirkegård, Grødalandstunet, Hå old Prestegard.
  • Synesvarden og Steinkjerringa, or Mother Norway as it was originally called, is a sculpture in a conservation area 3 miles southwest of Synesvarden. The sculpture was in 1898-99 by Sigurd Sørendsen, who’s artist name S. Neandros. The youth of Nærbø Varhaug bought Steinkjerringa in 1925, and in 1927 was in place in Aniksdalsheia. The trails are marked and there is parking.Distance:
    Holmavatn – Synesvarden – Steinkjerringa – Holmavatn 8 km.
    Vandavatn – Synesvarden – Steinkjerringa – Vandavatn – 12 km.
    Korphaugane – Steinkjerringa 5 km.Parking by Holmavatn. From County Road 133 between Brusand and Kartavoll, Topdalsveien.
    Info from Region Stavanger.

There is also fine hiking up to High-Jæren with breathtaking panoramic views. Walks along the beach or a small mountain hike are also lovely. There are many scenic war memorials, with good trails to them.

Jæren beaches
Not many places in Norway have such fine sandy beaches as Jæren does. Jæren has the longest beaches in the country. Solastranden, Borestranden, Orrestranden, Hellestø (especially for dog owners), Vigdelstranden and Vistestranden are the most popular beaches in the area.

Salmon fishing in the Figgjo River and sea fishing from the piers at Sele and Reve are also popular.
The Figgjo River placed second among salmon rivers in Rogaland in 2000 with 10.6 tonnes of salmon and 677 kg sea trout. Read more about fishing and fishing here.

Helgåleiren have great facilities that can be used for everything from festivals and weddings to conferences and corporate events. Read more here.

Tourist spots in Rogaland
Additional attactions in the area are Kongeparken (Amusement Park), Prekestolen, Lysefjorden, Ruggesteinen, the Figgjo ceramics outlet and Høyang Polaris.