Practical information

60 kilometers south of Stavanger and 20 kilometers north of Egersund lies Ogna Camping. Ogna Camping has 130 camping pitches for caravans, campers and tents. There are also 12 cabins for rent.  

By the entrance of the campsite, you`ll find a small kiosk/reception. The Sanitary facility includes toilets, showers, a handicap bathroom, nursing room, cooking opportunities, a washing machine and dryer. 

Every camping pitch has access to electricity. 

There`s a playground with some equipment. 

Where is Ogna Camping?

If you`re coming from the direction of Kristiansand the fastest way is to drive all the way to Egersund then follow Rv44 to Ogna Camping. Following Rv44 from Flekkefjord is a detour. If you are coming from the direction of Stavanger the best way is to follow Rv44 until you arrive at Ogna Camping.


Where is the nearest store?

If you follow Rv44 in either direction, there`ll be a store within 2 kilometersIf you take the road to the right towards Ogna there is a Joker grocery store
(Open until 22.00) And also YX Gas station. If you take the road to the left towards
Brusand you will find a Coop Marked grocery store(Open until 22.00(18.00))

Where is the nearest train station?

The easiest way to get to the city if you want to visit Egersund, Stavanger or Sandnes is by taking the train. The nearest station is only 2 kilometers away. You can choose between Brusand or Ogna station, both are right next to Rv44. 


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